Simple Things We Can Learn from Fantasy Premier League 2015/16 Champion


Well, the Fantasy Premier League 2015/16 campaign has been finished. We’ve got Dimitri Nicolauo (Dimitri Gavles Team) as a champion. As a rookie, he became the champion after collecting 2458 total points (2474 minus transfer cost 16 to be precise). It’s like a fairy tale to become a champion as a rookie, exactly like the story of Leicester City to become BPL champions, a team that at beginning of the season is being predicted to be a relegation candidate. It is always interesting to analyze the success recipe to become a champion from an underdog position, like many articles about Leicester City. 

Yup, this simple article would analyze the performance of FPL 2015/16 champion especially focused on his team’s line up and transfer priorities. So, these are some lesson learnt that we can get, tips & tricks from his campaign as FPL 2015/16 champion. Hopefully next season we can be FPL champion like him.

1. Choose Your First 15 Players Wisely

Underline this, only 7 players (of 15) that Dimitri Nicolauo (DN) chose at beginning of the season that had been transferred out before Gameweek 10. It means DN’s prediction at beginning of the seasons was good. He could keep his winning team for long time. He also didn’t use wildcard chip at the first half season, which means he was very confident with his squad. The longest appearances player in his team was Hector Bellerin that gave him 152 from his 31 appearances as line up (4.9 points/match as line up). It wasn’t a bad choose. The other interesting fact is only 5 players (of 15) that only have percentage below 50% as line-up, it means DN was very consistent with his line-up. These 15 players contributed 660 points of total points 2458 points (27%), more than just a good enough. Overall, here is the recap of DN’s first 15 starter performances.


2. Choose Your Captain Intellegently

One of the crucial decisive moments is when we have to choose our captain. We have to consider every detail like players’ form, fixtures, tactical/rotational aspect, history, etc. Right decision will guarantee high points. For this case, I think that DN had a good intuition about choosing the captain. At least he got ≥ 10 points each GW from his captain at 19 GWs (of 38 GWs). Highest captain’s points were Alexis’s point at GW 34 when DN used his triple captain chip (75 points, contributed 44% points at that GW). The highest contribution captain’s points happened in GW 8 when DN chose Sergio Aguero as his captain (50 points of 86 points / 58%). Overall DN’s decision of a captain gave him 559 points, or contributed 23% of his total points. Well done.


3. Focus on your line up, not your bench!

One exciting thing of DN’s campaign was his substitute selections. When some of us were having a hard think about several probabilities that our line up could possibly being benched (in reality) and we focus on preparing our bench players, DN really didn’t care about his bench! If we analyze his selection, we could find that from GW 1 until GW 26 he had all of Jack Butland, Victor Wanyama, and Nathan Baker together in the bench in 21 GWs! That’s insane. He rarely made a change on the bench, he only focused on how to strengthen his line-up. Overall he made 49 transfers (including wildcard at GW 33), and from that only 5 players (10%) that didn’t include in his line up at the GW when the players had been transferred. It means that he preferred to transfer in and out for line-up only and the other fact, there were some GW’s that he didn’t use his transfer quota. To put that bluntly, he even only used 1 wildcard from 2 wildcards available. He made transfer activities only when he thought that he needed it. The only 16 minus points also strengthen this opinion. So, next season we have to wisely use our transfer quota, unlike me this season that often got transfer cost until -16 in one GW. :p

4. Right chip at the right time

FPL introduced 3 new chips this season that can only be used once each week. Bench boost, triple captain, and all-out attack are the all 3 chips. By activating Bench Boost chip, the bench players’ points will be included in our GW’s points. Triple Captain gives us our captain’s point 3x (normally 2x) while All Out Attack allows us to use 2-5-3 formation. With these advantages, chip activation timing is very crucial for our campaign. In this case, we can see that DN’s chip activating timing gave him extra boost that helped his team climbed into FPL 1st rank. During his campaign, DN was very patient. After 33 GWs without chip, DN successfully used his Triple Captain chip (gave him 75 points from total 169 by captaining Alexis Sanchez) at Double GWs (DGW) 34 which made him climbed up from 6th rank into 1st. By activating Bench Boost at DGW 37 and All Out Attack at GW 38, DN could maintain his 1st position until the end. Beside of his right time activating chips, the question is why he chose to use Triple Captain over Bench Boost at DGW 34? In my opinion, if he chose Bench Boost, he could get more points than he got on the DGWs.

Graphics Players

And these are the summaries from this team:

  1. DN had overall 53 players in his team, which only 2 players (Nathan Baker [AVL] & Kevin Wimmer [TOT]) were never in the line-up.
  2. The most appearances player in his team was Hector Bellerin that in the team for 38 GWs (31 GWs he was chosen in the line-up).
  3. The most appearances player in his line-up was Riyad Mahrez that in the line-up for 35 GWs (36 GWs in team).
  4. The player that had best points gain per match in the line-up was Alexis Sanchez (17.0 points/GW in the line up) that got 119 points in 7 matches in the line up (overall in team for 7 GWs).
  5. The player with highest point from his team was Harry Kane with 264 points contribution after being included in the line-up in 32 GWs (from total 32 GWs in team).

Finally, I hope this article will be our blueprint to be a very competitive force in next season FPL 2016/17. Good luck!!

(Author: @dj_occho , Editor: @alfakemalmp)


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